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Profiles of the Glassmakers:

Artistica Vetreria e Soffieria Barovier Seguso e Ferro (1933-1937)
Seguso Vetri d'Arte (1937-1973)
Sculpture Artistiche Muranesi S. A. M. (1973-1976)
Seguso Vetri d'Arte (1976-1992)

Artistica Vetreria e Soffieria Barovier Seguso e Ferro was organized (1933) by Napoleone Barovier, Luigi Olimpo Ferro and Antonio Seguso, together with Seguso's sons Ernesto, Alberto and Archimede (later joined by their younger brother Angelo). All had been previously employed by Vetreria Artistica Barovier & C., but were forced to leave from there in 1931 because that firm's business could not support them in the difficult business climate of the Great Depression.

The roots of the new company lay in a small workshop begun (1931) by Antonio Seguso and his sons Ernesto and Archimede. Napoleone Barovier and Luigi Olimpo Ferro joined them in the following year, and the new company was formally launched thereafter.

Developmental Events:

1937 Luigi Olimpo Ferro left the company. His shares were acquired by Flavio Poli, who was the firm's Artistic Director. The name of the firm was changed to Seguso Vetri d'Arte.
1942 Archimede Seguso withdrew from the company, later founding Vetreria Archimede Seguso.
1947 Alberto Seguso left to found Angelo Seguso & C. Vetri d'Arte
1963 Flavio Poli left to join Società Veneziana di Conterie e Cristallerie.
1964 Antonio Seguso retired. Ernesto Seguso assumed management of the firm.
1965 Ernesto Seguso left the company.
1968 Angelo Seguso became managing director.
1973 The company closed and was liquidated.
1973 Maurizio Albarelli acquired some of the assets and began operation as Sculpture Artistiche Muranesi S. A. M.
1976 Firm declared bankruptcy. Maurizio Albarelli re-opened operations as Seguso Vetri d'Arte.
1978 Pino Signoretto left the company.
1985 Angelo Seguso left the company (joining his brother Archimede at Vetreria Archimede Seguso in 1988). The company began using free-lance designs from a variety of designers.
1992 Company name and goodwill sold to Gino Cenedese & Figlio. Maurizio Albarelli retained the factory property.
1994 Factory property sold to Formia S. r. l.

Master glassblowers:
1933-1942 Archimede Seguso
1933-____ Francesco Martinuzzi
1933-____ Giusto Nichetto
1933-____ Plinio Pustetto
____-____ Mario Gambaro
1973-1976 Angelo Seguso and Pino Signoretto

Artistic Directors:
1933-1934 Vittorio Zecchin
1934-1963 Flavio Poli
1963-1968 Mario Pinzoni
1968-1973 Vittorio Rigattieri

Other Designers:
Sergio Asti
Fulvio Bianconi
Pino Castagna
Ernst Fuchs
Angelo Mangiarotti
Luigi Ontani
David Palterer
T. Risley
Ginny Ruffner
Mila Schön
Peter Shire
Ettore Sottsass
Mark Tobey

2001 C. I. Gable