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Profiles of the Glassmakers:
Gino Cenedese S.r.l. (1946-1947)
Gino Cenedese & C. (1947-1950)
Gino Cenedese (1950-1964)
Vetreria Artistica Cenedese (1964-1973)
Gino Cenedese & Figlio (from 1973)

Martinuzzi vases

Gino Cenedese, together with Gino Fort, Pietro Scaramal, Angelo Tosi and Edgardo Valmarana, founded (1946) Gino Cenedese S.r.l.

Developmental Events:


The firm reorganized as Gino Cenedese & C., and Alfredo Barbini joined the firm as an owner, designer and master glassblower.

1950 Alfredo Barbini withdrew (1950) from the firm to found Vetreria Alfredo Barbini. The firm continued to trade under the name Gino Cenedese.
1952 The firm began a two-year collaboration with Centro Studio Pittori nell'Arte del Vetro di Murano (Fucina degli Angeli). The work included (1954) objects designed by Marc Chagall.
1964 The firm reorganized as Vetreria Artistica Cenedese. Paolo Da Ros, brother of Artistic Director Antonio Da Ros, began work for the firm, later becoming Managing Director.
1973 Gino Cenedese died. Ownership passed to his son Amelio Cenedese, and the firm was reorganized as Gino Cenedese & Figlio.
1993 The firm acquired the name and goodwill of Seguso Vetri d'Arte, which had closed in the prior year.

Master Glassblowers:
1946-19__ Angelo Tosi
1947-1950 Alfredo Barbini
1964-1971 Ermanno Nason

Artistic Directors:
1939-1952 Giulio Radi
from 1958 Antonio Da Ros

Alfredo Barbini
Riccardo Licata (1952)
Napoleone Martinuzzi (1953-8)
Fulvio Bianconi (1950, 1954-8)
Luigi Scarpa Croce
Ermanno Nason

Da Ros vase


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