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Profiles of the Glassmakers:

Seguso Archimede (1946)
Vetreria Archemede Seguso (from 1947)
Seguso Viro (from 1993)

Seguso "merletto" vases

Archimede Seguso left Seguso Vetri d'Arte (1942) and established (1945) a small glassblowing workshop with Alfredo Barbini. After Barbini's departure in the following year, Seguso continued his operation as Seguso Archimede. In 1947 he organized the business as Vetreria Archimede Seguso.

Developmental Events:

1959 Gino Seguso, Archimede's oldest son, began working for the firm.

Giampaolo Seguso, Archimede's second son, began working for the firm. Firm produced some designs by Van Day Truex and Charles Lyn Tissot.

1966 Firm produced a design by Luigi Rincicotti.
1985 Antonio Seguso, Gino's son, began working for the firm.
1988 Angelo Seguso, Archimede's brother, joined the firm after leaving Seguso Vetri d'Arte.
1993 Giampaolo Seguso began his own glassworks, Seguso Viro, within the company. His sons Gianluca Seguso and Pierpaolo Seguso joined him in Seguso Viro.
1997 Gianluca Seguso opened the firm's US distribution branch.
1999 Archimede Seguso died. Gianandrea Seguso, the third son of Giampaolo Seguso, joined Seguso Viro.

Master Glassblowers:
Mario Gambaro

Bruno Poggi


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