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Imagining George Washington
The Boglewood Catalog
of Images Published during his Life

Image Sources:  "Alexander Campbell"


"ALEXANDER CAMPBELL" is the pseudonym of the artist or artists who created two fictitious yet extremely influential images of Washington which were published in London in 1775.  Each engraving alleges that its image was "Drawn from the life by Alex. Campbell of Williamsburgh in Virginia," but


Washington, who was a regular visitor to Williamsburgh, wrote,  31 January 1776, "Mr Campbell, whom I never saw to my knowledge, has made a very formidable figure of the Commander-in-Chief, giving him a sufficient portion of terror in his countenance."

Campbell Type A

Unknown medium
and size ( 1775)


The two basic "Alexander Campbell
" engravings were published by C. Campbell of London, whom one source identifies as a well-known London printer.  Stylistically similar (and equally fictitious) engravings of other American revolutionary officers were published in the same period by London publishers Thomas Hart and John Morris, suggesting a set or series.  Soon copies of the "Campbell" engravings, either authorized or pirated, were published across Europe.

Prints based on Campbell Type A
Boglewood 2802
Boglewood 2803, Hart 732
Boglewood 2803

Boglewood 2804

Hart 735-Boglewood 2806
Boglewood 2806

Boglewood 2807
Boglewood 2808-Hart 737a
Boglewood 2808
Boglewood 2809

Boglewood 2810

Boglewood 2811
Boglewood 2812-Hart 741
Boglewood 2812
Boglewood 2813

Boglewood 2814

Boglewood 2815
Boglewood 2816-Hart 746
Boglewood 2816
Boglewood 2817
Campbell Type B

Unknown medium
and size (1775)


The equestrian engraving followed the same trail of publication as the standing pose.

    Prints based on Campbell Type B

Boglewood 2901

Boglewood 2902

Boglewood 2903

Boglewood 2904

Boglewood 2908

Boglewood 2909

Boglewood 2910

Boglewood 2911

Boglewood 2912

Boglewood 2913

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