after "Alexander Campbell"

Etching, 1777
Height 29.8, subheight 23.7, width 15.4 cm


Boglewood: 2907
Hart:  727




Image not available.
Description (Hart):
Whole length, to right, head to left, on horseback, in uniform and cocked hat, with ribband, gorget and epaulet. Drawn sword in right hand. Horse's tail flowing to ground. to left, a cannon on gun carriage, between two supports. In middle distance, a river, with encampment on distant bank and battle in progress to right; on near bank, to right, a stockade. The upper half of a plate, containing, on lower half, a whole-length portrait of Commodore Hopkins. Corners of rectangle cut off with scroll work. Border line, 1/16.



Source image:
"Alexander Campbell," Type B.
Unknown medium (1775).

In de Mercurius, October, Erste Stuk. 1777.  Pag. 128. / George Washington, Esqr. Generaal en Chef der Americanen / B. Mourik, Excudit.

Version I:  As described. 

Published in: Maandelykse Nederlandsche Mercurius (October 1777), a monthly magazine published in Amsterdam by Bernardus Mourik.

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