Complete Guide to Venetian Glass, its History and Artists

Carl I. Gable

Clockwise from upper left:
(i) Pollio Perelda "Stellato" design a murrine for Vetreria Fratelli Toso, 1953. Courtesy Vetreria Fratelli Toso Arnoldo Toso.
(ii) A gather of molten glass being reheated at the end of a blowpipe before further work by a master. Courtesy Seguso Viro.
(iii) Giuseppe Barovier for Artisti Barovier, c. 1915.  Murrine bowl with polychrome figure of leaves and flowers set in pale blue
ground edged in blue and white retortoli band. Private collection; courtesy Galleria Rosella Junck.
(iv) Ercole Barovier for Vetreria ArtisticaBarovier & C., c. 1924-5.  Mosaico glass vase.  Private collection; courtesy Odetto Lastra.
(v) Tommaso Buzzi design for Venini & C., 1933.  Cock in mezza filigrana lattimoCollection: Odetto Lastra.
(vi)Ferro Toso Barovier Vetrerie Artistiche Riunite, SA, c. 1936. Cowboy and cowgirl iridato figures with black and red vetro in pasta.
Private collection; courtesy Odetto Lastra.

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