engraving, 1798
Height 34.1, sub height 31.1, width 26.0, oval height 26.5, oval width 21.7, sub oval height 3.0, sub oval width 2.2 cm


Boglewood: 3024
Hart:  828



Image not available
Description (Hart):
Bust, to left, with ribbons crossed over breast.  Oval, with border, on a column hung with medallion portraits, inscribed, on tablets, beneath each:  "Columbus", "Americanus.", "Sr. W. Raleigh", "Dr. Franklin",  "G. Washington", "J. Adams"' and another withour name.  A whole-length female figure, standing, to left, holding a flag with stars and stripes emblazoned with a spread eagle, addressing two little Indians on the left, one with bow and the other with tomahawk, while she points, with her left hand, to the portrait of Washington upon the column.  Oval, with border, in a rectangle.



Source image:
No identified source.


An Emblem of America. / Published 4th. Septr. 1798, by John Fairburn, 146, Minories, London


Version I:  As described. 
Version II:  As described, but with the unnamed portrait and those of Washington and Adams replaced by (i) bust of Washington, profile to left, in uniform, with tablet inscribed "General Washington" and (ii), beneath, a portrait inscribed "Thomas Jefferson."

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