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Profiles of the Glassmakers:

Arte Vetraria Muranese [A.VE.M.] (1932-1976)
A.VE.M. Arte Vetraria Muranese s.a.s. (from 1976)

Anzolo Fuga vase

Antonio Luigi Ferro, joined by his sons Egidio and Ottone, and master glassblowers Emilio Nason, Galliano Ferro and Giulio Radi, founded (1932) Arte Vetraria Muranese. The firm is often referred to as A.V.E.M. or, by purists, A.VE.M. Giulio Radi came to the new firm from Successori Andrea Rioda, and perhaps the others did as well.

Developmental Events:


Emilio Nason's son Aldo joined the firm as a glassblower.

Egidio Ferro's son Luciano joined the firm as a glassblower.


Galliano Ferro's son Giorgio joined the firm and, upon Giulio Radi's death (1952) was appointed as Artistic Director.
1959 Aldo Nason became a partner upon the death of his father.
1955 Galliano Ferro and his son Giorgio withdrew to found Vetreria Galliano Ferro.
1968 Egidio Ferro died. Aldo Nason withdrew from the firm to found a workshop of his own, leaving Egidio Ferro's sons Luciano and Giulio Ferro as owners of the firm.
1972 Luciano Ferro died.
1976 Giulio Ferro died. His sister Ada Ferro succeeded to ownership of the firm, which was reorganized as A.VE.M. Arte Vetraria Muranese s.a.s. Operations were subsequently suspended.

Master Glassblowers:
Emilio Nason
Galliano Ferro
Giulio Radi
Ottone Ferro
Luciano Ferro
Aldo Nason

Artistic Directors:
1939-1952 Giulio Radi
1952-1955 Giorgio Ferro

Vittorio Zecchin (1932)
Emilio Nason
Aldo Nason
Luciano Ferro
Aldo Bergamini
Mario Carraro
Egidio Ferro
Luigi Scarpa Croce
Anzolo Fuga

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