after Unknown,
after Godfrey Kneller (1646-1723)
Relief cut
, 1799


Boglewood: 3033
Wick:  67


Source image:
No identified source.


George Washington, Esq.


Version I:  As shown.  Collection:  American Antiquarian Society.

Published in: (i) [As "John Dryden"] Nathaniel Low, An Astronomical Diary, or an Almanack for . . . 1773 (Boston: John Kneeland, 1773); (ii) [As "Samuel Adams"] The New-England Primer Improved (Hartford: Nathaniel Patten, 1777); and (iii) [As shown: "George Washington, Esq."] The American Primer; or Young Child's Horn-Book (Newfield, Conn.: Lazarus Beach, 1799).

Notes: This relief cut was originally created and used in Boston as a likeness of English writer John Dryden, based on an English engraving of Godfrey Kneller's portrait of Dryden, which was painted before 1723.  In 1777 the relief cut was re-used in Hartford as a likeness of Samuel Adams.  Finally, in 1799 it was used again in Newfield, Conn., with the caption "George Washington, Esq."

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