Relief cut
, c. 1775


Boglewood: 3031
Wick:  1


Source image:
No identified source.


The Glorious Washington and Gates


Version I:  As shown.  Collection:  National Portrait Gallery.

Published in:  (i) A Declaration [of Independence] (Salem: Ezekiel Russell, [1776]; (ii) Benjamin West, Bickerstaff's Boston Almanack, for . . . 1778 (Danvers: Ezekiel Russell, [1777]), (iii) [Jonathan Mitchell Sewall], Washington: A Favorite New Song in the American Camp (Danvers: [c. 1778]); (iv) Bickerstaff's Boston Almanack or Federal Calendar, for 1793 ([Boston]:  Ezekiel Russell, 3rd ed., [1792]), (v) Bickerstaff's Boston Almanack or Federal Calendar for 1793 ([Boston]: Ezekiel Russell, [1792]), (vi) Granye, an Excellent Patriotic Irish Song (Boston: Lee, 1793); (vii) A Worthy Example of a Virtuous Wife (Boston: Ezekiel Russell for Hallowell, 1794); (viii) Josiah Clark, The Parent's Monitor (Boston: Ezekiel Russell, [1794]).

Notes:  This is the earliest known American print of George Washington. Wick (p. 77) speculates that this likeness was first made in 1775 or early 1776, when Washington and Gates first took command of American forces at Boston, and was probably used first on one of the ephemeral broadsides of the time.  The appearence on the Declaration of Independence published in Danvers is the first confirmed use.

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