AMOS DOOLITTLE (1754-1832)
(Version I) after James Trenchard
(b. 1747),
after possible Peale-Pine-Houdon composite;
(Version II and later) after Joseph Wright
Stipple and line
engraving, c. 1788-1789
Height 51.8, width 42.2, diameter 17.5 cm


Boglewood: 3027
Hart:  840

Wick 25

[Version I]

{Version II]

[Version III, tinted]

[Version IV, tinted]

[Version V]


Source image:
No identified source.


George Washington President of the United States of America.  The Protector of his Country, and the Supporter of the rights of Mankind [star] /--A Display of the United States of America / To the Patrons of the Arts and Sciences, in all parts of the World this Plate / is most respectfully Dedicated by their most obedient humble Servants / Amos Doolittle & Ebnr. Porter / Printed & Sold By A. Doolittle New Haven where Engraving & Roling Press Printing is performed--Doolittle delin et sculp. [Additional text blocks within the design]











































Version I:  As shown.  Collection:  Brown University.
Version II: (1790) As shown, with (i) Trenchard likeness of Washington (Boglewood 3026) changed to Wright likeness (Boglewood 2001), (ii) title changed to "Display of the United States of America, and (iii) other miscellaneous changes..  Collection:  Independence National Historical Park Collection.
Version III:  (1 October 1791)  As shown, with (i) alterations to Washington profile, (ii) territorial statistics added at left and Vermont statistics at right, and (iii) other miscellaneous changes including date.  Collection:  National Portrait Gallery.
Version IV:  (1791) As shown, with (i) alterations to Washington profile, (ii) a blank crest added at left under territorial statistics and the Vermont crest added at right under Vermont statistics, (iii) other miscellaneous changes.
Version V:  (1 March 1794)  As shown, with (i) alterations to Washington profile, (ii) lettering around Washington bust changed to open style instead of closed, and date changed to "Marh. 1st. 1794", and (iii) other miscellaneous changes.
Version VI:  (1 March 1796)
As shown, with (i) alterations to Washington profile, (ii) alterations for North Carolina and Massachusetts statistics, (iii) year changed to "1796", and (iv) other miscellaneous changes.

Notes:  The Washington portrait patterned on Boglewood 3026 was changed in Version II to the Wright likeness (Boglewood 2001), and modified in each subsequent Version.

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