engraving, 1798
Height 34.1, sub height 31.1, width 26.0, oval height 26.5, oval width 21.7, sub oval height 3.0, sub oval width 2.2 cm


Boglewood: 3024
Hart:  828

Boglewood 3024v2, Hart 828v2[Version II]


Source image:
No identified source.


An Emblem of America. / Published 4th. Septr. 1798, by John Fairburn, 146, Minories, London


Version I:
  As shown, but with the medallion portraits on the column at right inscribed, on tablets beneath eash: "Columbus", "Americanus", "Sr. W. Raleigh", "Dr. Franklin", "G. Washington", "J. Adams" and another unnamed.

Version II:  As shown, with the unnamed portrait and those of Washington and Adams replaced by (i) bust of Washington, profile to left, in uniform, with tablet inscribed "General Washington" and (ii), beneath, a portrait inscribed "Thomas Jefferson."

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