Etching and engraving, 1793
Height 10.2, sub height 11.1, width 6.4, diameter 1.9 cm


Boglewood: 3022
Hart:  821

Wick 35


Source image:
No identified source.


Frontispiece / America trampling on oppression
  [In respective medallions:  Doctr. Benn. Franklin / Genl. Geo. Washington]


Version I:  As shown. 

Published in:  W. D. Cooper, The History of North America (Bennington, Vt.: Haswell for Spencer, 1793).

Notes:  This engraving is one of four with substantially similar images appearing in editions of the Rev. Cooper's book published in 1787, 1789, 1793 and 1795.  See also Boglewood 3020, 3021 and 3023. 
                The image is copied from the frontispiece (Boglewood 3021) in the 1789 edition of the Cooper book. Wick notes that the authorship of the book, whose Bennington edition was advertised in the Vermont Gazette, 2 May 1794, has also been attributed to Richard Johnson.

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