DAVID EDWIN (1776-1841)
F. Bartoli
and John James Barralet (c. 1747-1815)
engraving, c. 1798
Height 34.6 sub height 28.3, width 21.9 cm


Boglewood: 3009
Hart:  788
Wick 61


Source image:
No identified source.

F. Bartoli Pinxt.--D. Edwin Sc. / His Excellency George--Washington Lieut. Genl. / of the --Armies / of the United--States of America. / Respectfully Dedicated to the--Lovers of their Country / and Firm Supporters--of its Constitution.

Version I:  As shown.
Version II:  As shown, but with added final line:  "Published by D. Kennedy, 228 Market St. Philada."
Version III:  (1800)  As shown, but with (i) broad border added around Washington image, (ii) a tablet in border at top inscribed "Washington, / Sacred to Memory", (iii) a base added beneath the framed image, (iv) within the base, a funeral urn supported by two female figures, surrounded by war emblems, and surmounted by a sword and fieldglass crossed, (v) a tablet upon the urn, inscribed "OB. / Dec 14. 1799, and (vi) all prior lettering removed and the line "Revised by I. J. Barralet" added.

Note:  This is the omly known reference to an artist named F. Bartoli.

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