DANIEL BERGER (1744-1824)
after Pierre Eugene duSimitière (c. 1736-1784)

Line engraving, 1783
Height 9.4, sub height 8.7, width 5.4, head height 3.0, width 2.2 cm


Boglewood: 1607
Hart: 78


Source image:
Pierre Eugene duSimitière,
Pencil on paper (1779).

[Numbered likenesses]  1. General Washington.  2.  General Gates. / 3.  Dr. Franklin.  4.  Präsid. Laurens.  5.  Paul Jones. / D. Berger Sculps. 1783.

Version I:  As shown.  Collection:  Library of Congress.

Published in:  Johann Karl Philipp Spener, Historisch genealogischer Calender, oder Jahrbuch für 1784 (Leipzig).

Notes:  Boglewood 1608 is an extremely close copy of this engraving, entirely re-engraved, enclosed in a double line border instead of a single line, and with "Sculp" instead of "Sculps" in the final line. (Hart)

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