BURNET READING (1749-1838)
after Pierre Eugene duSimitière
(c. 1736-1784)

Stipple engraving, 1783
Height 11.7, oval height 6.8, oval width 5.9 cm


Boglewood: 1606
Hart:  76

 BW 1606ver2-Hart 76

[Version II


Source image:
Pierre Eugene duSimitière,
Pencil on paper (1779).

B Reading Sculpt / General Washington / Drawn from the Life by Du Simitiere in Philadelphia / Publish'd April 10th 1783 by Wm Richardson No 174 Strand

    Version I:  As shown, but with date "April 10th 1783" instead of "May 10th 1783."  Collection:  Library Company of Philadelphia.
    Version II:  As. shown (with date "April 10th 1783"
).  Collection:  Mount Vernon Ladies' Association..

Published in:  (Version II)  Pierre Eugene duSimitière, Thirteen Portraits of American Legislators, Patriots and Soldiers who distinguished themselves in rendering their Country Independent (London: William Richardson, 1783).

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