after Pierre Eugene duSimitière (c. 1736-1784)
Mixed engraving, 1783
Height 12.7, sub height 11.3, width 9.2, oval height 8.6 cm


Boglewood: 1605
Hart:  75

[Version II]

[Version III]

[Version III-printed in color]

Source image:
Pierre Eugene duSimitière,
Pencil on paper (1779).





B. B. E.  / His Excellency General Washington Commander. / in chief of the united States of North America &c. / Pubd. May 15th. 1783 by R. Wilkinson.  No. 58 Cornhill London.


Version I:  As shown, but without title.
Version II:  As shown.
Version III:  As shown, but with third line of title changed to "in Chief of the Forces of the united States of North America &c."  Collections:  Boston Athenaeum, Library of Congress.

Published in:  (Version II)  Pierre Eugene du Simitière, Portraits of the Generals, Ministers, Magistrates, Members of Congress and others who have become Illustrious in the Revolution of the Thirteen United States of North America (London: Robert Wilkinson and John Debrett, 1783).

Notes:  Version III is printed in black and in reddish brown.  According to Hart, modern copies have also been struck from the original plates on paper differing from that of the orginal edition.

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