after Joseph Wright (1756-1793)
Stipple engraving, c. 1795
Height 11.6, oval height 7.62, oval width 6.4 cm


Boglewood: 2014
Hart: 165

Boglewood 2014v1, Hart 165.1
[Version I]

[Version IV, trimmed without text line below title]



Source image:
Joseph Wright.
Dry point etching (1790)

General Washington. / Engraved by J. White. / Published by J. Robins & Co. Albion Press, London. / 100

Version I:
  As shown, without any letters.
Collection: British Museum.
Version II:
  Like Version I, with text as described but without address.
Version III:
 Like Version I, but with text as described.
Version IV:
  As shown, with title re-engraved in different font; engraver's name deleted; text above image: "Parsons's Genuine Edition of Hume's England"; below title: "Engraved for J. Parsons, Paternoster Rw. May 1795."
Version V:
  Like Version IV, but with all lettering except title deleted and replaced by "McCormack Vol. III. to face page 16."

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