after Joseph Wright (1756-1793)
Engraving, 1797
Height 31.1; sub height 29.2, width 20.5


Boglewood: 2012
Hart: 157
Wick: 53


Source image:
Joseph Wright.
Dry point etching (1790)

The / Battle of Trenton / A Sonata / For the / Piano-Forte / Dedicated / To / General / Washington / New York Printed & Sold by James Hewitt at his Musical Repository No. 131 William Street / B Carr Phildelphia & J Carr Baltimore--Price 10s

Version I:  As shown.  Collection:  Library of Congress.

Published in:  James Hewitt, "The Battle of Trenton, a Sonata for the Piano-Forte" (James Hewitt, 1797); [trimmed to oval bust and positioned in music title] James Hewitt, "New Yankee Doodle Sung with Great Applause at the Theatre (James Hewitt, [1797-1798]); [trimmed to oval bust] Joseph Hopkinson, "The Favorite New Federal Song Adapted to the President's March" (Philadelphia: Benjamin Carr, 1798).

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