after Joseph Wright (1756-1793)
Etching and engraving, 1791
Height 24.8, sub -height 17.0, width 10.5, oval height 5.08, oval height 3.7 cm


Boglewood: 2009
Hart: 154


Source image:
Joseph Wright.
Dry point etching (1790)

Engrav'd for the Masonic Magazine / When Freedom, first her glorious Day had won, / She smil'd on Washington, her darling son. / Mild Justice claims him as his Virtues rise, / And Love and Honor, still attend the Prize.  [Within design: Open book inscribed:  " Vide / Aude / Tace / G"]

Version I:  As shown.  Collection: New York Public Library.

Published in:  The Sentimental and Masonic Magazine (Dublin: William Folds, June 1795).

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