THOMAS JONES WOODMAN (1758-1817) and HENRY MUTLOW (c. 1756-1826)
after John Trumbull (1756-1843)
Line engraving, 1783
Height 16.2, sub height 15.2, width 17.9 cm


Boglewood: 1705
Hart:  89

Image not available
Description (Hart 89):
Whole length, to left, head to right, in uniform, with black stock.  Advancing, with left arm upon shoulder of Goddess of Liberty and right hand holding a baton, extended.  Above, a figure of Fame blowing the trumpet.  On a plate containing, in centre, a map of America and to right, a seated figure of Dr. Franklin writing, in an open book, upon a page to which Minerva, helmeted, is pointing.

Source image:
J ohn Trumbull, Type A.
Oil on canvas (1780)

Woodman & Mutlow Sculp / Published 18 March, 1783, by J. Wallis, at his Map & Print-Warehouse, Ludgate St. London.
  Version I:  As described.

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