after John Trumbull (1756-1843)
Line engraving, 1783
Height 18.1, sub height 16.8, width 11.7 cm


Boglewood: 1704
Hart:  88


Source image:
J ohn Trumbull, Type A.
Oil on canvas (1780)

His Excellency George Washington, Commander in / Chief of the American Armies, Marshal of France &c. [On scroll within image: "American Free / dom established / by Valour & / Performance"; at Washington's feet within image: flags, scrolls and books labeled "Stamp Act," "Boston Port Bill," "Acts of Parl.," "Brit. Stat."

Version I:  As shown.  Collections:  New York Public Library; Harvard University Library.

Published in:  Gentleman's and London Magazine (Dublin, June 1783); Charles Varlo, The essence of agriculture, being a regular system of husbandry, through all its branches (London, 1786).


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