JACQUES LE ROY (b. 1739)
after John Trumbull (1756-1843)

Mezzotint, 1781
Height 18.3, sub height 15.7, width 9.5 cm


Boglewood: 1702
Hart:  85

[Version I]

[Version II]


Source image:
J ohn Trumbull, Type A.
Oil on canvas (1780)


J. Trumbull Pinx.--Ja. le Roy Sculp. / G. Washington.















Version I:  As shown.  Collections:  New York Public Library, Mount Vernon.
Version II:  As shown, with border removed and three points placed after "Sculp."
  Collection:  New York Public Library.

Published in:  (Version II)  Michel René Hilliard D'Auberteuil, Essais historiques et politiques sur les Anglo-Americains (Brussels, 1781).

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