H. HOUSTON (active 1796-1798)
after Edward Savage
(1761-1802) (Wick)
or John Ramage
(c. 1748-1817) (Hart)
Stipple engraving, 1798
Height 16.5, oval height 12.4, width 10.5 cm


Boglewood: 2107
Hart: 210
Wick 63



Source image:
Edward Savage, Type A
Oil on canvas (1790)

Houston Sc / George Washington Esqr. / Philada. Published for Thos. Condie Bookseller.

Version I:  As shown. Collection: New York Public Library.

Note: Hart 210 (p. 97) states his opinion that this engraving is based on a miniature painted by John Ramage, but Wick 63 (p. 132) cites Savage's 1792 stipple print (Boglewood 2101) as the source.

Published in: (i) The Philadelphia Monthly Magazine, or Universal Repository (Philadelphia: Condie, January 1798); (ii) Philadelphisches Magazin oder unterhalter Gesellshafter (Philadelphia: H. and J. R. Kammerer, Jr., May 1798); and (iii) John Searson, Mount Vernon, A Poem (Philadelphia: Printed for the author, [1800].

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