after Edward Savage
Stipple engraving, 1794
Height 14.4, oval height 9.7, oval width 8.3 cm


Boglewood: 2106
Hart: 226

[Version I]



Source image:
Edward Savage, Type A
Oil on canvas (1790)

George Washington, / President of the United States of America. / from an Original Miniature in the Possession of / Benjamin Smith of Philadelphia. / Published June 10th. 1794 by T. Palfer No. 4 Bridge Road Lambeth near the Turnpike.

Version I:  As shown.  Collection: New York Public Library.
Version II:
  As shown, but before any letters.
 Version III:
  As shown, but with publication line changed to "London, Published by D. Rymer, Book & Print Seller, 10. Broad Court, Long Acre."

Note: Hart says this is a made-up picture with only the Savage head.  See also Wick, pp. 106-7.

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