H. HOUSTON (active 1796-1798)
after John James Barralet (c. 1747-1815)
after Walter Robertson (c. 1750-1802) (Wick)
or John Ramage (c. 1748-1802) (Hart)

Stipple engraving, c. 1796-1798
Height 27.8, sub height 25.6, width 20.6, oval widthv8.5 cm


Boglewood: 2304
Hart: 212
Wick 48



Source likeness:
Miniature watercolor
on ivory, 1794


J. J. Barralet del -- H. Houston sculpt. / General --Washington, / President of the -- United States of / Ame -- rica

Version I:  As shown. Collection: New York Public Library.

Note:   Hart 212 (pp. 98-99) states his opinion that this engraving is based on a miniature painted by John Ramage, while Wick (p. 116) cites the Walter Robertson miniature and also notes the possible influence of Houdon's bust of Washington.


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