ROBERT FIELD (c. 1769-1819)
after Walter Robertson (c. 1750-1802)
and John James Barralet (c. 1747-1815)
Stipple engraving, 1795
Height 34.3, sub height 30.0, width 24.9, oval height 9.8, oval width 7.6 cm


Boglewood: 2301
Hart: 249
Wick 39




Jon. Jas. Barralet / Invenit 1795. / Painted by W. Robertson. / Engrav'd by R. Field. / George Washington, / President of the United States. / Published by Walter Robertson, Philadelphia & New York 1st. August 1795.

Version I:  As shown. Collection: Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Note: The portrait is by Walter Robertson and the border and embellishments by John James Barralet. They and the engraver Robert Fied were all living at the same rooming house at the time of the collaboration.

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