after Charles Wilson Peale (1741-1827)
Etching, 1783
Height 16.2; sub-height 14.6; width 12.1; head, diameter [3.3] cm


Boglewood: 1554
Hart: 58


Image not available
Description (Hart):
Bust, to left, head to right, in uniform.  Circular medallion, with border, 3/16/ containing title, in the center of a plate, at top, containing in each corner a medallion with profile portraits of "John Adams," "Generaal Gates," "Henry Laurens," and "Benjamin Franklin."  In the middle of plate an American flag, on an oval shield encircled with thirteen stars and thirteen stripes.  On either side, six suspended tablets containing the names of twelve of the thirteen States, in Dutch, with "New Hampshire." on a separated tablet, under the medallion of Washington.  On a base, at bottom, "MDCCLXXXIII."  Enclosed in rectangle, with border line, 2/16.



Source image:
Charles Wilson Peale,
Type not identified.



In de Mercurius October, 1783.  2de Stuk.  Pag 162. / De Generaal Waschington. / Ter Gedachtenis, van het Onafhangelyk Verklaaren der / 13 Americaansche Provintien, Door de Engelschen. / B: Mourik Escudit.. [Within design: "John Adams", "Generaal Gates", "Henry Laurens", "Benjamin Franklin".]

Version I:  (1797)  As described.

Published in:  Maandelykse Nederlandsche Mercurius (October 1783), a monthly magazine published in Amsterdam by Bernardus Mourik.

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