after Charles Wilson Peale (1741-1827)
Engraving, 1797
Height 17.5; sub height 16.8; width 11.6; oval height 7.9; oval width 6.2 cm


Boglewood: 1551
Hart: 30

Image not available
Description (Hart):
Bust, full face, to right, in uniform, with gorget.  Oval, in border, 6/16, in a rectangle.  Above oval a festoon of olive leaves, with the word "Li / ber/ tas /", surrounded by radiating rays.  Below, flags, cannon, laurel and palm branches.  Tablet, within rectangle, bearing title.



Source image:
Charles Wilson Peale,
Type not identified.



  Text:  S. E. George Washington / Général en Chef des Armées / des Etats unis de l'Amerique / A Paris chez Mondhare rue St. Jacques.--Le Beau Sculp.
  Version I:  (1785)  As described.
Version II:  As described, with number "556" added in lower left margin.
  Collection: New York Public Library.

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