JAMES TRENCHARD (attributed) (b. 1747)
after Charles Willson Peale (1741-1827)

Engraving, 1787
Height 16.2, width 10.0, oval height 14.1, oval width 9.2


Boglewood: 1402
Hart:  4


Source image:
Charles Wilson Peale, Type D.
Oil on canvas (1787).

His Excel: G: Washington Esq.

Version I:  As shown.  Collection: Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
Version II:  Oval entirely reworked, in stipple, and head of Stuart type substituted for the Peale likeness, apparently by a different engraver.

Published in:  Noah Webster, An American Selection of Lessons in Reading and Speaking (Philadelphia: Young and M'Culloch, 1787); Noah Webster, The American Spelling-Book (Philadelphia: Young and M'Culloch, 1787).

Notes:  After the Philadelphia publisher William Young used this image as a frontispiece in several editions of Noah Webster's works, Webster decided it would be profitable to use the same engraving in other editions of his works.  He wrote another of his publishers:

I have sent to Philadelphia to know on what terms I can procure a Plate of Genl Washington's Portrait, which Mr. Young has prefixed to the works & which is pretty well executed.  I intend that all future impressions shall be alike; & I if I lower copy right, I shall expect that you get a plate, for it will certsinly assist the sale.  (Wick, p. 97, quoting American Historical Record [1872], 1:374).

In fact, although this print may have been used in several later Young editions, now unlocated, other publishers settled on a frontispiece portrait of Webster himself.

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