JOHN NORMAN (c. 1741-1827)
after Charles Willson Peale (1748-1817)

Engraving and etching, 1784
Height 14.6, subheight 14.0, width 8.4, head diameter 2.54


Boglewood: 1307
Hart: 57


Source image:
Charles Wilson Peale, Type C.
Oil on canvas (1779).

J. Norman Sc

Version I:  As shown.  Collection:  Library of Congress.

Published in:  The Boston Magazine, April 1784 (Boston:  Norman, White, and Freeman).

Notes: The design, apart from the Peale likeness of Washington, is patterned on an engraved likeness of Montesquieu prepared by Noel Le Mire as a frontispiece for Montesquieu's Le Temple de Gnide (Paris, 1772).  (Wick, p. 93, citing Beverly Orlove, doctoral fellow, National Museum of American Art.)

John Norman and his partners began publishing The Boston Magazine in 1783 and sold their interest in July 1784. (Wick)

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