after Thomas Stothard (1755-1834)
after Charles Willson Peale (1741-1827)

Mezzotint, 1785
eight 53.0, sub height 50.5, width 35.6 cm


Boglewood: 1302
Hart:  18

[Version II]

Source image:
Charles Wilson Peale, Type C.
Oil on canvas (1779).

J. Brown Excudit. / Peel pinxit, Philadelphia. / Stothard Delin.t Londini. / -V. Green fecit Mezzotinto Engraver to the King of Great Britain and / the Elector Palatine. / General Washington. / From an Original Picture in the possession of Mr. Brown. Publish'd by him April 22d 1785, and Sold at No. 10, George Yard, Lombard Street, London.

Version I:  (1785)  As shown, but without text.
Version II:  (1785)  As shown.  Collection:  New York Public Library; National Portrait Gallery.
Version III:  As shown, with different form of etched lettering and with "Jos Brown" instead of "J Brown."

Notes:  Peale wrote to Benjamin West 10 December 1783:

Genl Reed carries over with him a portrait of Genl Washington & one of Genl Greene to get plates engraved for me.  I have left it to his discretion to do the best he can for me.  Your advice will oblige me.  (Sellers, Portraits, p. 232, quoted in Wick, p. 31.)

The publisher Joseph Brown purchased both of the bust-length portraits.  He arranged for Thomas Stothard, an English artist, to reformat the image Washington image as a full-length figure in a scene with a horse, cannon and other elements. The resulting engraving, executed by Valentine Green, was widely copied across Europe in subsequent years.  (Wick, pp. 31-33.)

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