Mezzotint, 1780
Height 34.8, subheight 30.2, width 24.8


Boglewood: 1301
Hart:  2

[Version I]

Boglewood 1301v2-Hart 2b
[Version II]


Source image:
Charles Wilson Peale, Type C.
Oil on canvas (1779).

Chas. Willson Peale pinxt. et fecit / His Excellency George Washington Esquire, Commander in / Chief of the Federal Army - / This Plate is humbly Inscribed to the Honorable the Congress of the United States of America, / By their Obedient Servant. / Chas. Willson Peale.

Version I:
   (1780)  As shown.  Collection:  Metropolitan Museum, National Portrait Gallery.
Version II:  (1780)  As shown, but with "1780" added at end of first line of text.  Collection:  Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection, Brown University.

Sale of the engraving was advertised in the Pennsylvania Packet on 26 August 1780:

The subscriber takes this method of informing the Public, That he has just finished a Mezzotinto Print, in poster size of his Excellency General Washington, from the original picture belonging to the state of Pennsylvania.  Shopkeepers and persons going to the West Indies may be supplied at such a price as will afford a considerable profit to them, by applying at the South-west corner of Lombard and Third-streets, Philadelphia.

"N. B. As the first impression of this sort of prints are the most valuable, those who are anxious to possess a likeness of our worthy General are desired to apply immediately.  (Wick, p. 85.)
An advertisement in the Pennsylvania Journal, 20 December 1780, quoted the price of the print at $2.00, "or Six Pounds per Dozen to Shop Keepers, or any persons going abroad."  (Wick, p. 85.)

This was the third mezzotint produced by Peale, following a portrait of William Pitt, engraved in London in 1768 or 1769, and a head of George Washington.  Peale presented a copy of the Washington engraving to Pierre Eugene Du Simitière, but no example of it is presently known.

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