after Charles Willson Peale (1741-1827)
Mezzotint, date unknown
Height 22.7, sub height 20.2, oval height 19.7, width 15.9 cm


Boglewood: 1214
Hart: 37


Source image:
Charles Willson Peale, Type B.
Oil on canvas (1776).

Peint par Alexander Camphell a Williamsbourg en Virginie / George Washington, Esquier / Général et Commandeur en Chef d'Arméee des XIII Provinces / Unies en Amerique. / Se vent a Londres Chez Thom. Hart

     Version I:  As shown.

The text states, presumably for some commercial purpose, that this engraving is based upon a painting "by Alexander Campbell of Williamsburg in Virginia."  In fact, the likeness is clearly based upon the Charles Willson Peale painting, Type B, or one of the earlier engravings which that painting inspired.

"Alexander Campbell" is also cited as the source for two much-copied engravings published in London in 1775 with completely fictitious likenesses of Washington.  See Boglewood 2801 and 2901.

Baker (Baker 24) cites a version of this engraving without the first line of text, but Hart (Hart 37) says  that no such impression is known.

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