after Charles Willson Peale (1741-1827)
Engraving, c. 1777
Height 31.4, subheight 27.8, width 19.5 cm


Boglewood: 1101
Hart:  9


Source image:
Charles Wilson Peale, Type A.
Oil on canvas (1772).

R. Scot Del. & Sc. / His Excellency Genl. Washington &c. &c. &c. / Done from an Original Picture of His Excellency at Mount Vernon. / Painted by Mr. Peale 1770
  Version I:  As shown.

Notes:  Among prints based on the Peale Type A likeness, this is the only one known to have been published during Washington's lifetime.  The date "1770" in the text of the print is in error; Peale painted the Type A portrait, which depicts Washington as a colonel in the Virginia militia, in 1772.
     In his History of the Rise and Progress of the Arts of Design in the United States (1834), William Dunlap notes that Robert Scot, who was appointed in 1793 as the first engraver to the United States Mint, arrived in America about 1788, and continues, "He engraved a whole length of Washington, after C. W. Peale, certainly not very flattering to so handsome a man."

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