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Some Links to Other Websites

Survey of Venetian Art:

Art and Architecture of Venice
The patronage of the powerful and fabulously wealthy Cornaro family provides the focus for a survey of Venetian art

Survey of Venetian History:

Virtual History of Venice
An illustrated history of the Most Serene Republic.
Websites of individual Palladian Villas:

Villa Cornaro-Gable

Villa Godi-Malinverni

Villa Foscari ("La Malcontenta")

Villa Poiana

Villa Zen

Palladian pages:

The Center for Palladian Studies in America, Inc.
A non-profit organization which provides a vehicle for
appreciating and learning more about Palladio and the
architecture inspired by his work.

Andrea Palladio's Life and World
An illustrated timeline of Palladio's life, buildings and books.

Andrea Palladio International Center for Study of Architecture
A leading research organization based in Vicenza, Italy.

Architecture and Mathematics:

Nexus Network Journal
A peer-reviewed online research resource for studies in architecture and mathematics.

Some reciprocal links:
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Venice and the Veneto

o The Web Site of Venice
o The Baby Boomer's Venice

o Jump in Venice: Palladio

o Vicenza History and Heritage

Art and Architecture

o Adam: The Guide to Art, Design, Architecture on the Internet
o Architecture in Venice:  Palazzi Veneziani
o Architecture Web Resources
o Art on the Web: Architecture
o Art History Resources on the Web

o Avventure Bellissime Tours

o Renaissance Links on the WWW for Architecture

o Society of Architectural Historians
o World Wide Web Virtual Library: Architecture

Other Links

o Ca' de Memi
o Archetours

o Galleria Regina Murano Art Glass
o VisitVenice Apartment Rentals
o Villa Paradiso Home

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