Loggia Cornaro

Padua; via Melchiorre Cesarotti, 21

Built by Alvise Cornaro (B-26) in the garden of his Padua residence, the Loggia Cornaro opens onto a court used for theatrical performance, especially for Cornaro's famous protegé Il Ruzante [Angelo Beolco].

The Loggia was designed by another equally famous protegé of Cornaro, Giovanni Maria Falconetto. Tavernor (Palladio and Palladianism, pp. 22-3) describes the structure as "the first rigorously all'antica building in the Veneto."

The second story of the structure was added when the adjacent Odeo Cornaro, connected to the Loggia by a two-arch wall with a walkway on top, was constructed c. 1530.

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