BENOIT LOUIS PREVOST (1735-c. 1804/1809)
after Pierre Eugene duSimitière (c. 1736-1784)

Line engraving, 1781
Height 16.2, sub height 13.4, width 8.7, diameter 6.4 cm


Boglewood: 1602
Hart:  68

[Version I, borders trimmed.]

[Version II]

Source image:
Pierre Eugene duSimitière,
Pencil on paper (1779).


G. Washington. / Drawn from the life by Du Simetiere in Philadelphia.--Engraved by B. L. Prevost at Parice / No. 1
















Version I:  As shown, without title on base and with "Du Simitier" instead of "Du Simetiere" in text.
Version II:  As shown.
  Collection:  Boston Athenaeum.

Published in:  Pierre Eugene du Simitière, Portraits des Généreaux; Ministres et Magistrats que se sont rendu celebres dans le Revolution des Treize États-unis de l'Amerique Septentional (Paris, 1781).

  The original plate for this engraving was located in 1868 and additional modern copies were struck on paper which differs from that of the original edition. (Morgan-Mantle)

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