JOSEPH WRIGHT (1756-1793)
Dry point etching, 1790
Oval height 6.5, oval width 4.9 cm


Boglewood: 2001
Hart: 138
Wick: 26


Source image:
Joseph Wright.
Dry point etching (1790)

G. Washington. / J. Wright Pinxt. & Ft.

Version I:  As shown.  Collections: Boglewood Collection; New York Public Library. 

Notes:  Wright painted a portrait of Washington for Thomas Jefferson in 1784.  He planned at that time to make a drawing from which his mother Patience Wright, a prominent sculpton then resident in London, would make an engraving.  That plan, however, apparently never materialized.  Finally Wright created this dry point etching himself in 1790. Jefferson bought two copies, giving one to his daughter Martha and hanging the other in the tea room at Monticello.
This etching is the image upon which the other Wright-style prints are based.

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