after Jeremiah Paul (d. 1820)
after Gilbert Stuart (1755-1828)

Engraving and etching, 1798
Height 17.0, subheight 16.2, width 10.0, oval height 8.7, oval width 6.5 cm


Boglewood: 2602
Hart: 409
Wick 64

[Version II]



Source image:
Gilbert Stuart
Oil on canvas (1796)

G. Washington / Barralet Direxit.--Lawson sc / Publish'd by R. Campbell and Co. / From a Copy Painted by J. Paul.

Version I:  As shown, but before all lettering.
Version II:
As shown.  Collection:  New York Public Library.
Version III:
  As shown, but with all lettering except title erased and "Publish'd by Conrad and Co." inserted.

Version IV:
  As shown, but with names of Barralet and Lawson removed.
Version IV:
As Version III, but without address and plate worn with minor changes in detail.

Published in:  (i)  [Tobias George Smollett], The History of the British Empire, vol. 2 (Philadelphia: Bioren for Campbell, 1798), and (ii)  [Tobias George Smollett], The History of England, vol. 6 (Philadelphia: Bioren for Campbell, 1798).

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