EDWARD SAVAGE (1761-1817)
Stipple engraving, 1798
Height 50.3, sub height, 46.6, width 62.2 cm (Hart); 46.8 x 62.3 (Wick)


Boglewood: 2203
Hart: 235
Wick 55

[Version 1, trimmed without final text line]



Source image:
Edward Savage, Type B
Oil on canvas (c. 1790-1793)


Painted & Engrav'd by E: Savage. / The Washington Family. / La Famille de Washington. / George Washington his Lady, and her two Grandchildren by the name of Custis. / George Washington, Son Espouse, et Ses deux petits Enfants du Nom de Custis. / Philadelphia. Publish'd March 10th. 1798. by E. Savage & Robt. Wilkinson No. 58 Cornhill London.

Version I:  As shown, but with title in open letters, and before finished work on servant's face.
Version II:
  As shown.
  Collections:  Boglewood Collection; National Portrait Gallery.

Note: Although the engraving was commenced by Savage, it seems likely that a substantial amount of the work was ultimately carried out by others.

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