after "Alexander Campbell"

Etching, date unknown
Diameter 25.4 cm


Boglewood: 2905
Hart:  725




Source image:
"Alexander Campbell," Type B.
Unknown medium (1775).

His Excellency George Washington Esqr. Commander in chief of the American Armies.--The Protector of his Country.  The Supporter of Liberty, and the Benefactor of Mankind. * May his name never be forgotten *

Version I:  As shown. 

Notes: Hart (at 726) notes that the execution of the plate is very crude and warns that there is a recent (that is, c. 1904) imitation of it.  The imitation, he states, is on old handmade paper with a plate mark, changes the border of the saddle cloth and the rosette on Washington's hat, and letters the text "in slightly different form, finished with the pencil, and without punctuation."

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