after "Alexander Campbell"

Mezzotint, 1775
Height 22.4, subheight 20.0, width 15.7, oval height 19.0, oval width 14.8 cm


Boglewood: 2808
Hart: 737



Image not available.
Description (Hart):
   Full bust, to left, head to right, in uniform and cocked hat, with ribband.  Oval in rectangle.




Source image:
"Alexander Campbell," Type A.
Unknown medium (1775).

Peint par Alexander Camphell a Williamsbourg en Virginie / George Washington, Esquier / General et Comendeur en Chef d'Armee des XIII Provinces / unies en Amerique. / Se vend a Londres Chez Thom. Hart.

Version I:  As described.
Version II:  As described, but with "Comendeur" changed to "Comandeur."

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