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Palladian Days
Finding a New Life in a Venetian Country House

Sally Gable and Carl I. Gable


Early praise from authors and critics:

"Sally Gable's world . . . is both timeless and completely modern, a life that moves in and around an architectural masterpiece. And that is the way PALLADIAN DAYS should be enjoyed: dreaming of the Venetian countryside, a tall glass of prosecco in hand."
-Forbes FYI Magazine
"Sally and Carl Gable's fascinating account reads like a fast-paced, marvelously satisfying adventure story."
-John Berendt,
author of Midnight in the Garden
of Good and Evil

"Sally Gable lights up her story of acquiring a house in Italy with boldness and humor."
-Frances Mayes,
author of Under the Tuscan Sun

"Sally Gable's sincerity and humor never fail her as she tells of her quest to understand Italian life and history, and to restore Palladio's villa to its full splendor."
-Kim Williams,
author of The Villas of Palladio


"This delightful mix of memoir, travel guide and recipes is, in essence, a twist on these well-worn genres--a very chic, expensive twist at that."
-Publishers Weekly

"Sally Gable has only lovely stories to tell about buying and living in one of Andrea Palladio's most influential, best-preserved, and largest villas."
-The Boston Globe
"Palladian Days places this truly magnificent structure in its human and historical context, mixing cultural notes with down-to-earth humor."
 -Barnes & Noble
"Though Sally pays respect to the town, its market and its citizens, her principal concern is the villa. She ferrets out its history, figures out where it fits in the Palladian oeuvre and tries to understand its small mysteries. . . A high-toned social and architectural history of a grand house, warmed by un-self-conscious love."
 -Kirkus Reviews
"[F]illed with interesting anecdotes about the problems of maintaining a 450-year-old home and the confusion that comes from adapting to another culture. . . ."
 -Library Journal

"If a vacation in Italy this summer just isn't going to make the cut, this book might be the next best thing."
 -Chicago Tribune

"What Palladian Days serves up is a slice of Italian
life not always so readily accessible to tourists."
 -Christian Science Monitor

 -Corriere della Sera,
Padua, Italy            
"A book to be savored"
 -Littleton (NH) Courier

"Written with humor and insight. . . . For persons interested in art and architecture, or planning a trip to Italy, this book could serve as an invaluable resource."
 -Washington Missourian

"Sally Gable has trumped them all. . . Gable nicely mixes history--of Venice, the Veneto and the Cornaro family--with a genuine appreciation of her neighbors and tradespeople, and an account of the personal fulfillment she found in becoming the custodian of an architectural masterwork."
 -Lakeville (CT) Journal     

"Pour a glass of prosecco and sit down with this delightful book."
 -The Poisoned Pen

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