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Profiles of the Glassmakers:

Vetreria Veneziana di Murano (before 1882-after 1884)
[also known as Vetreria Franchetti]
Cristalleria Murano (after 1884-1960s)


Vetreria Venezia was founded before 1882, but its founders and the circumstances of its founding have not been ascertained in the preparation of this profile.

Developmental Events:


The firm acquired another firm, founded 1826 and engaged in production of wine bottles, glass panes and glass bells. Production was redirected to tableware.

1884 Baron Raimondo Franchetti is identified as having been the sole proprietor of the firm. During the period of his ownership the firm was also known as Vetreria Franchetti.
after 1884 After an initial period of association, Giuseppe Toso acquired the firm and reorganized it as Cristalleria Murano.
1902 The firm is reported to have had 500 employees.
1960s The firm closed.

2001 C. I. Gable