Doge Proc. Francesco Cornaro (G-19)

Born: 6 March 1585, Venice

Married: 25 February 1608/9, Andriana Priuli, the daughter of Doge Antonio Priuli

Died: 5 June 1656, Venice

DOGE PROC. FRANCESCO CORNARO, a member of the Cornaro della Regina branch of the family in its S. Polo line, was the son of Doge Giovanni Cornaro (G-12). Massively wealthy, he served in a succession of important posts, including Capitano [military commander] at Brescia, 1634, and the Council of Ten, 1645.

He was a Senator and later appointed a Procurator di S. Marco as well. He was elected Doge of Venice, May 1656.

Sebastiano Torresini published (Venice, 1656) a funeral oration at the Doge's death.

1997 C. I. Gable